LODLAM Summit 2017 goes to Europe!

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Where is this Linked Open Data Odyssey taking you, and, where is it taking us all?

The LODLAM Summit 2017 is going to take us to Europe.

Save the date: 28-29 June 2017!

Late Summer on the Grand Canal, Venice, Italy. Trish Hartmann. 2013 https://www.flickr.com/photos/21078769@N00/9717003249/

Late Summer on the Grand Canal. Trish Hartmann. 2013 CC-BY

Is it time to say that we, as a community, have enough confidence in what we have done, what we have shared, and what we now know works, to set upon another chapter in this adventure together?

We hope so!

For those that are yet join in on the action, here are three reasons to be at the LODLAM Summit 2017.

Courage is at the fore when you’re leading and participating in cultural change. Make no mistake about it, the reason a person tackles new approaches, goes to extra lengths and raises their hand to be a LODLAM Summit supporter, whether a delegate, challenge participant, sponsor, or coordinator, is because it is an opportunity to be part of that exciting change.

Learning is easy when you’re in a room with people who are open to new ideas, debate, connections, sharing ideas and developing expertise. Being in the room at the LODLAM Summit with people who are passionate about what they do, are slightly obsessed with data and technology, keen to liberate cultural heritage data, and enjoying the journey of discoverysunshine, potholes, and allis fantastic.

Community in action is when there seems to be a magnetic vibe that pulls you all together and draws on every drop of brilliance, energy, skill, and opportunity in a network of people. Where we, the community, decide to go is up to us.

LODyssey Trip 2015 at Europeana. L to R: Antoine Isaac, Ingrid Mason, Valentine Charles, Rowan Brownlee, Hugo Manguinhas.

LODyssey Trip 2015 at Europeana.

We are really looking forward to being at the Linked Open Data: Libraries, Archives, Museums Summit 2017. Not the least because the Summit is being held in dreamy Venice and our generous hosts will be the Cini Foundation, but also because as a community, the progress we make is inspiring and to be celebratedbecause there is so much more that we can do together.

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