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Title:LOD Navigator
Team: DH_FBK

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The present entry takes in input the data made available by the Contemporary Jewish Documentation Center in Milan and published in Linked Open Data format to show the movements of the Italian victims of Shoah. To this end, we used the SPARQL endpoint to collect biographical data together with information about the persecution and deportation of each victim. The places of birth, arrest, detention, deportation to a Nazi camp, transfer, and return after liberation (if available) were georeferenced and associated to the corresponding date. All the movements are then displayed in an interactive interface. Download: http://dhlab.fbk.eu/lod_navigator/

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The team includes three researchers from the Digital Humanities group in the ICT Center of Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Trento, Italy). Their skills include data mining, digital history, text processing and data visualisation. Our entry is a data navigation system made available as a standalone tool. The system tracks the movements of 8,964 Italian victims of Shoah retrieved from the SPARQL endpoint made available by the Contemporary Jewish Documentation Center in Milan. The trajectories usually start from the person’s birthplace and cover all movements recorded by the Documentation Center Viewer till the person’s demise. Each movement was automatically georeferenced using Nominatim and is associated with a date. This allows the creation of a timeline for each person’s life and offers the possibility to perform time-constraint search and visualisation by selecting only a certain time span on a slider. The system includes also two filters to select the displayed persons: the type of occupation can be chosen, for example to focus only on artists or religious people, and the type of death, for example to distinguish between Shoah survivors and people dead in custody. Overall, 37,826 events, including birth, death and movements, are stored and displayed. The contribution of this project is manifold: it provides for the first time an interactive system, through which the large amount of data collected by the Contemporary Jewish Documentation Center can be browsed, searched and visually displayed on a map in aggregated form. This can benefit the community of researchers interested in studying the Shoah but also the Jewish community and the broad public. Besides, the navigation system is data-independent and can be used to view other trajectories by uploading a simple json file containing georeferenced places and dates, thus providing a useful tool to (digital) history scholars at large. We believe that the main innovative idea of this project is to visually track movements that, when available only in LOD format, do not give the possibility to get an overview or to interact with the data. It addresses the needs of researchers and scholars but also of the families involved in deportations and all the Jewish community to support their effort in reconstructing stories of families and losses during the Shoah. The tool is distributed in different releases complying with different operating systems and with a CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 license: http://dhlab.fbk.eu/lod_navigator/. Our next step will be to contact the Contemporary Jewish Documentation Center in Milan and share with them the technology we have developed. Another step would be to look for other similar datasets, for example related to Shoah in other Nations, to extend our input data with the story of other Jewish communities.

Team members: Rachele Sprugnoli, Giovanni Moretti, Sara Tonelli

Country: Italy



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