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What about linked open data (LOD) is on your mind?

Is there a session you want to lead or join in on when we gather at the Cini Foundation?

Why get in early with a session proposal?


Venezia by gnuckx CC0

Venezia by gnuckx CC0

If the answer to any of the following questions is in the affirmative then maybe it is time to submit a session proposal.

  • Do you have a wonderful, crazy LOD idea burning in your thoughts?
  • Are you dazed when looking at integrating persistent identifiers into your LOD?
  • Should disambiguation and sameAs relationships ever be linked together in the same sentence?
  • Have you been using LOD to help you answer a research question and you have a ton of insight to share?
  • Are you using LOD to breakdown data silos for resource discovery?
  • Is there a LOD project challenge you would like more people involved in?


Here’s the more plain-speaking answer:

A session proposal lays out for the whole LODLAM community (including delegates at the Summit) questions and opportunities that might be of interest.  At the Summit it is possible for delegates to share ideas and problem solve as we network and as we go into breakouts.  Signalling ahead by sketching out a session proposal before and during the summit, has been a useful way for people share their complex technical problems, data-obsessions, semantic conundrums, and what happens in our collective imagination.

Delegates that have set up their profiles on the website can post a session now.  If you are delegate and you haven’t gotten around to this, or need a little help, please be in touch: LODLAM2017 [at] gmail [dot] com


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