LOD URLs, Persistent Identifiers and Research Data

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I’d like to propose a session in which we discuss the relationship between LOD URLs, Persistent Identifiers and Research Data. Can a LOD URL be considered a Persistent Identifier? Is LOD also Research Data? Can we apply the outputs of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) which aim to make research data shareable at scale by defining standard machine-actionable approaches to describing and interacting with persistently identified data to LOD? What benefits and disadvantages would doing so bring to the LOD community?

We could approach this discussion by looking at some very specific examples of LOD which are both enabling and becoming embedded in digital humanities research data: place and person identifiers. Can we apply the RDA  “kernel” metadata profile strawman for Persistent Identifiers to LOD URLs as Persistent Identifiers for places and people? Can we define and register data types to describe the person and place data these identifiers reference? Would doing so enable greater interoperability and make it easier to publish, use, share and preserve LOD or would it impose restrictions that impede its publication and use?

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