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Reflections on the 2017 LODLAM Summit are emerging, here are some already posted up on the web (let us know if there are others, and we’ll add them to this list).

Any of the 2017 Summit delegates that want to write a report up are invited to do so as a post on the 2017 Summit website.


2017 LODLAM Summit was held at the Cini Foundation, Venice, ItalyMy Report

To say the very least, I had an incredible time in Venice.  By incredible I mean a time full of intellectual stimulation, practical concerns and logistics, able to see friends and colleagues from all over the world, and, in a city of such extraordinary beauty, culture, and history.

Once again I discovered how much I really love the world of semantics and informatics (see the session notes).  What an extraordinary stroke of good fortune to get an international summit up and running and in such a beautiful setting at the Cini Foundation.  Bellissima!

The LODLAM Summits have a special quality and it is a generosity of spirit and mind (and supporters).  It is this special quality (and levels of informality in the way this community comes together) that makes my cup runneth over.  Much has been gained by “doing” (for me).  Here are my handful of insights and lessons learned as a first time facilitator, to offer back in.

Lessons Learned

Assume the best in people:  If I could have a wish, it would have been to capture all of the delegates creating the open space by rearranging the chairs and then closing it.  It was such a gift and a sight to behold.

Best laid plans:  To quote from a kind email Rob Warren sent after the Summit that made me laugh “it’s a lot of thankless work and sometimes… well, the island starts flooding at dinner!”  Many of you offered thanks to the organising committee in some way and gracefully offered constructive feedback.

Accepting change: We want to examine how we come together to share ideas, grow and collaborate: do better, maybe more or less, definitely do differently.  Check out the session notes collated on community plan / future LODLAM for our discussion.

Leading lights: It is not possible for me to post on the Summit without reflecting on the people who have led (here’s looking at you Jon Voss) and are continuing to lead the way.  Apart from all the nerdy brilliance evident in newbies and experienced curatorial, informatics and technical folks I want to shine light on other kinds of leadership skills that are evident.  Those of you with the wisdom or life experience who know when to offer guidance, to stand up or back, be quiet or speak up, to give thanks, shrug off or expose problems, to have a stake or to take risks.  Plenty of that kind of leadership was on show too and it was an inspiration.

Grazie mille.

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