1. Adrian Pohl

    Documenting Linked Open Data


    I would like to have a session about (meta)data documentation at this year’s LODLAM summit addressing questions like:

    • What aspects need to be covered when documenting Linked Open Data?
    • What parts of documentation are most important to users, i.e. what should be priorities when preparing documentation?
    • How to best provide documentation to potential users so that they can quickly learn how to use the data?


    Preparing the new version of lobid.org, we reflected on how to improve the documentation of its Linked Data API, see the blog posts on what to document and how. We are convinced that examples play an important role in the documentation process of API responses, ontologies or application profiles and have experimented with “documentation by annotation” adding annotations to live data using hypothes.is.

    In other contexts, documentation seems to also be a hot topic. When I recently skimmed through the takeaways from the LD4P and LD4L-Labs hosted a Community Input Meeting I stumbled over this unanswered question:

    “To truly understand implementations of linked data, how can the community best document and share application profiles?”

    The corresponding desideratum to be worked on within the LD4 projects reads:

    “Push for clear, publicly available application profiles for the datasets we wish to consume.”

    Looks like a documentation session would be timely.

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