1. Rebecca Guenther

    Ontology for preservation metadata


    A working group of the PREMIS Editorial Committee is revising version 1 of the PREMIS OWL ontology, which is based on the PREMIS Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata version 2.2. The new ontology reflects PREMIS version 3, which was a major revision of the Data Dictionary and it is a substantial remodeling. The goal has been to reflect current Linked Data best practices and reuse other well-known ontologies where possible. There have been several requests to be able to incorporate it into Fedora and Hydra.

    We would like to present the ontology in its current state (it is almost completed so that it can go out as a draft for community review) and show some of our modeling choices to get feedback from LOD experts. One area that has resulted in a lot of discussion is Rights information, especially in trying to bring in what seemed to be the most appropriate rights ontology, ODRL, and the relationship between the PREMIS ontology and rightsstatements.org. Another area in which we’d like to get feedback is the relationship between the ontology and the preservation controlled vocabularies at  http://id.loc.gov/preservationdescriptions/ and specifically the practice of reusing controlled vocabulary terms as subclasses or subproperties of the ontology.

    Rebecca Guenther and Angela DiIorio


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