1. Richard Wallis

    Linked Open Data – Open for Discovery?


    The ‘Open’ in Linked Open Data has been key to its successful spread as a data resource enabler, for those wishing to build upon and extend the value of others for the benefit of their projects in particular, and the whole web in general – 1,130+ datasets referenced in the Linking Open Data Cloud providing evidence of this success.

    Openly licensed – Openly made available for access – Openly described with Open ontologies – often Open for query.  To those within the LOD & LODLAM communities this all makes perfect sense, but what about those in the wider web world who do not share our understanding and enthusiasm?

    As a result of encouragement from the major search engines an others, 10s of millions of websites have deployed open structured data, based upon linked data principles, on billions of pages, using generic vocabularies. Their objective being to increase the discoverability of the resources those pages describe.

    Based upon the assumption that one of the reasons for describing LAM resources using LOD is to help people find them; what should we do?

    • Nothing – let the search engines worry about discovery
    • Share structured data on our resource web pages
      1. Using our LOD ontologies
      2. Using Schema.org
      3. Using a mixture of both
    • Use generic vocabularies such as Schema.org instead of our domain specific ontologies

    This session would provide an opportunity to explore and discuss these issues.


  2. Richard Wallis

    Schema.org for Archives


    I would like to propose a session to review and update an initiative that came out of the LODLAM Summit 2015 in Sydney.

    Interest was expressed in Sydney in exploring how data, about resources held within archives, could be widely shared on the web, to aid discovery, using the Schema.org vocabulary.  The intention being to emulate the successful efforts in the bibliographic domain by the Schema Bib Extend W3C Community Group that resulted n the bib.schema.org extension to the main schema.org vocabulary and its supporting documentation.

    A W3C Community Group – Schema Architypes – was set up,  chaired by myself.  Recent activity in the group has centred around a ‘straw man’ proposal for a small number of new terms to extend Schema.org that would enable the description of archive holding organisations, archives/fonds, and the resources they contain.

    The session would provide the opportunity to review the proposal, the intention that underpins it, and contribute to and engage with the discussion to move it forward.

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