1. Robert Warren

    Early LODLAM Meetup Tuesday Evening.


    Are you new to Venice? Are you blasé from your flight filled with paper corrections, email drafts and funding proposals? Need something to keep busy with in the long dark period between tea time and dinner?

    Meet fellow @lodlam attendees at Cantinone già Schiavi (address Dorsoduro 992 fondamenta Nani, 30123 Venice or 45.430945,12.3261018 for the hardcore) at 4PM on Tuesday the 28th. The venue is also (mis?)translated as Wine Cellars Already Slaves which should start a few conversations about Al translation. The venue is about 25mins by vaporetto / foot from the island of San Giorgio Maggiore.

    Come and meet your fellow delegate, catch up with old friends and unwind before we get to work on Wednesday!


  2. Robert Warren

    Cool Tools


    The richness of Linked Open Data has yet to be exploited and the question is what tools can assist with consumption besides faceted search and basic graph visualizations? As we moved to a “create more triples” market to one of processing and proving the value of LOD for consumption, how can we maximize our benefits of the technology to do real work?


    For instance, the Auckland Museum has implemented a tabletop interface for exploring its linked collection data to promote a unique interactive museum experience and engage the public in data curation (Click on the image for a youtube video).

    We’re interested in similarly innovative tools and concepts for mobilizing linked data and the session would try and answer the following questions:

    • What tools are robust and usable outside their home environment?
    • What examples are there of natural language tools for SPARQL queries?
    • What tools work with haptic or VR interfaces?
    • How can we give users rich prospect on ontologies and datasets so that their scope, strengths, and gaps are made more apparent to users?
    • How can we really bring LOD alive?

    We’re interested in seeing what is out there and brainstorming what is needed.

    Bring your tools for informal demos, sketches or wireframes and get the creative juices flowing!

    Look forward to seeing you all there!

  3. Robert Warren

    Sharing strategies for ontology alignment and data sharing


    Data sharing, aligning ontology, seamless data sharing across data silos: these are the promises of the semantic web. To date, we still do not have an operational theory of using linked open data tools for practical linking beyond abusing owl:sameAs statements (Halpin et al).

    Are people really reusing other people’s ontologies and vocabularies or (re)creating their own? Do top-level ontologies really give you anything or are they table-top toys that do not scale to describing real world problems?

    A review of the LOV website clearly shows that beyond core W3C vocabularies, little linkages are being made across vocabularies. Yet we know that this and more will be required if we expect data to scale. Ontologies are being implemented with OWL but is anyone actually using reasoning in production or are their ontologies just simple annotation databases?

    This session is meant to swap stories about implementing vocabularies and sharing data in the field. Bring your coffee and tea and share your stories around the virtual triples campfire.

    Halpin, Harry, et al. “When owl:sameAs isn’t the same: An analysis of identity in linked data.The Semantic Web–ISWC 2010 (2010): 305-320.

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